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Custom glass vessels and accent pieces for tables, sideboards, niches, and entryways can add the needed spark to any room. Glass pieces can be functional or simply for enriching the décor.

The Process

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Consultation and Planning

Usually, a photo of the table or area where the piece will go is emailed to Carlyn for her to conceptualize some options. The photos also help her understand the colors and lighting in the space, as well as whether the piece will be going on a dark or a light surface. From the photos, Carlyn will come up with options and sizes for you to choose from.

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Glassblowing and Assembly

Once the design is chosen, Carlyn and her team will create an original piece of artwork.  If there are multiple pieces, Carlyn will send photos as the piece is being created, if desired.

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Installation and Lighting

Some sculptures have individual lighting which is incorporated into the design. Each unique sculpture will be fully assembled, come with an instruction manual, or be installed by our own team.

The Materials


Glass is transparent and opaque and depending on the space, specific glass will be more radiant if thinner, backed with white, or etched. There are endless treatments Carlyn can do on glass to create the optimal appearance.


Some bowls and sculptures have metal bases or stands which help elevate the glass. These can come in a variety of different finishes.

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