Joining our Team as Project Manager

January 17, 2021

Exciting times at Carlyn Ray Designs.  We are looking at new spaces to spread our creativity and expanding our shop!  We have so many interesting projects and as they scale bigger, we are needing space to work and assemble.  With this growth comes adding members of our team.  We just hired a project manager which we are really excited to bring to the team, Brandon will be running our 8am team meetings and leading the steps of the projects. 

Brandon has a wealth of knowledge coming from a mechanical background and most recently being a project manager for very high-end houses.  He is a family man and a father to beautiful boys. He is one of the most positive people I have met and we have already worked on several projects together for some of the beautiful houses he helped build.  I am continually impressed by his professionalism and knowledge.  He is excited to be on a team with values, endless potential, and creating a community impact.  We are excited to welcome Brandon February 1st