Illuminated Glass Panels

November 15, 2015

Good thing we LOVE challenges here! ¬†This project gave me such inspiration and pushed me to new levels as we custom created these glowing illuminated glass “fusion” panels. ¬†Each panel is 50″ tall by 18″ wide.

Designer Carrie Manaci came up with the idea of the large glass panels which were installed in the wall.  I loved the idea and decided to figure it out!  My idea was to incorporate the ends of my weavings, the flat glass on end, and melt them together.

IMG_5404 copy

I love creating pieces which bring in the environment around them.  I choose the color palette of the water and trees in the backyard to bring inside the natural energy.  The creation process was tedious! 


I really am driven to work with light, reflection, and creating an energy through the space with glass as the muse.  I like bringing in the rounded accent pieces, especially as they either sparkle in the blue and green and catch the light or the gold and silver leaf creates a glistening simmer. 


I love how the light plays in each of the glass panels.  When the lights are off, the panels blend with the room and create a sculpture-like topography on the wall.  The look is very soothing.


I love the details and movement that you see when the lights are off as well.  While creating the rivers and valleys in the piece, I looked at it like a topographic study.


When the lights are on full, the panels create such a vibrant energy through the room!  With the lights and the melting glass, it has an underwater feel.


As the lights are on a dimmer, at a mid to low range, the glass has an inner glow.  I love this stage as you see the topography of the glass with an underwater and wave-like motion to it.


 It was a joy to create these pieces for the Letz family and to know the beautiful family which has inspired me to create such an exciting new body of work!

Professional Photos by the one and only Turk of Turk Studios