Fusion Panels

Fusing uses heat to create textures, patterns, and optical layers that allow light to play with magic inside the glass. Endless possibilities can be created using fused glass in sculptures, wall panels, and unique designs.

The Process

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Consultation and Planning

The first step is knowing the space. Plans, site visits, and/or photos are needed to make the art feel a part of the space. Carlyn and her team will provide sketches or renderings of ideas. Understanding the overall budget or looking at the perfect design will drive possibilities. With the design, a color palette will be suggested and approved to make sure all visual elements are fully understood. All of these details will be captured in a contract.

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Glassblowing and Assembly

From the renderings or template of the piece, Carlyn and the team will pull all the glass into long thin strands. Each strand is cut into small bits of glass that are then stacked into the mold. Once the mold is full, the glass is slightly melted down and fused together to create the cast piece of glass. This process takes days to heat up and cool down so that the glass doesn’t have stress. The metal is designed around the glass to both support it structurally and attach the glass to the wall. There are many ways to color, light, and treat the metal framing around each piece.

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Installation and Lighting

Typically all of these fusion panels are lit from the back with LEDs. There are different ways we can light them and several ways we can diffuse and disperse the light. Once the light is finished, we attach the metal together and pre-install on our studio wall. After passing our quality control, it is ready to be installed. A template is created so that we know the exact placement for wires and hardware. After everything is prepped, the piece slides in and turns on to allow a magical crystal glow in that space.

The Materials

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The glass is layered starting from the background and the pool of color the light comes through. Then the actual glass pieces are usually clears, opals, and whites with accents of color. This allows the panels to change intensity from downlights reflecting off of the clear and opal glass and then with the LED backlight shining through the colors. The glass can be arranged in layers or in clusters creating a very different overall feeling.
Carlyn Ray Designs Materials - Lighting Image


LED lights can be individually placed behind the piece and their temperature will be paired both with the lights in the room as well as the corresponding colors in the fusion panel. Down lights above the fusion panel can create great sparkles on the glass.
Carlyn Ray Designs Materials - Metal Image


The metal can be painted, stained, brushed, or chromed.

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