Outdoor art is the perfect material to highlight the beautiful outdoors! Illuminated glass art brings magic to the outside and can set the perfect vibe for the evening.

The Process

Carlyn Ray Designs Creation and Planning Image

Creation and Planning

The first step is knowing the space.  Plans, site visits, and/or photos are most helpful to make the art feel a part of the space.  Carlyn and her team will provide sketches or if local can mockup the glass heights and locations with various materials.  Once all the information is gathered, we write it up in a contract and upon approval we start creating!

Glassblowing and Assembly

From the sketches and renderings, Carlyn and the team create each of the glass pieces by hand.  The glass is created and coldworked (ground down and/or polished) to fit all of the metal components.  All of the pieces are fit together and assembled.  Once assembled, all of the electrical components are wired in and prepared for installation.

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Installation and Lighting

Once the glass is all put together in the studio, the installation is usually the easiest part!  Following the specific locations, each piece is installed in its location.  The electrical can be done simultaneously or before the project as long as the final hook up is done by a master electrician.  The pieces and components are all durable and waterproof.  Through the electrician, the lights can be on a remote or connected to the site’s lighting system.  The celebration begins once the sun begins to set and the lights enhance the beauty of the space!

The Materials

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Glass holds so many properties and the capabilities of the material seem endless. Solid, it is robust and has an optical brilliance. When blown out it looks weightless and cloudlike. Light reacts to the surface and thickness of glass and we enjoy playing with that in our sculptures. We can create glass in a realm of different colors ranging between transparent and opaque. The mix between metal and glass, glass and light, and the sculpture and the environment is very important to achieve the desired effect. Glass has a magical way of mirroring, reflecting, and transmitting light and energy into space.
Carlyn Ray Designs Materials - Lighting Image


Lighting can transform a piece. Usually, when a piece is unlit it looks subtle and elegant, and then when lit it becomes brilliant and majestic. Lighting controls the intensity of the piece and, with various colors, the feeling of the piece. Depending on the piece, we use a variety of different lighting techniques and are always updating our products as newer items come on the market. All of our lighting products are LEDs and we fabricate our designs so that when a light goes out, someone besides ourselves is able to change out the parts.
Carlyn Ray Designs Materials - Metal Image


To structurally hold or suspend our glass we typically use metal. Metal has a similar feeling to glass in the process of creation, made from raw materials and heated to form and manipulate. We can control the tooling and fasteners to attach the metal to structurally support and hold the glass safely and stylishly. Metal has a lot of different finishes we can match to the space and we have different metalworkers we collaborate with depending on the project.

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