Carlyn uses glass to illuminate and elevate spaces with color, light, texture, and shape.  Explore the Ribbons, Weavings, and other custom projects to feel the fluidity of the pieces and see how glass transforms a space. 

Carlyn Ray Designs Weavings Image


In her signature series, Carlyn weaves together hand-pulled glass with metal wires to create woven tapestries of light and color. These undulating glass forms can be mounted on walls, suspended from above, or free-standing sculptures.

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Carlyn Ray Designs Ribbons Image


Experience the sinuous movement of glass through colorful ribbons that capture the exquisitely fluid process of glassblowing. Each ribbon is layered in colors and stretched into individual shapes designed for walls, tables, hanging pieces, and sculptures.

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Carlyn Ray Designs Lighting Image


Glass chandeliers use light and form to elevate a space into something extraordinary. See how glassicles, clouds, and custom designs transform spaces in dramatic ways.

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Carlyn Ray Designs Fusings Image


Fusing uses heat to create textures, patterns, and optical layers that allow light to play with magic inside the glass. Endless possibilities can be created using fused glass in sculptures, wall panels, and unique designs.

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Carlyn Ray Designs Sculptures Image


Custom sculptures based on nature, shapes, or a theme can be the perfect finishing touch for a space. We can make unique and meaningful ideas come to life through glass and other materials.

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Carlyn Ray Designs Landscape Image


Outdoor art is the perfect material to highlight the beautiful outdoors! Illuminated glass art brings magic to the outside and can set the perfect vibe for the evening.

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