Experience the sinuous movement of glass through colorful ribbons that capture the exquisitely fluid process of glassblowing. Each ribbon is layered in colors and stretched into individual shapes designed for walls, tables, hanging pieces, and sculptures.

The Process

Consultation and Planning

The first step is knowing the space. Plans, site visits, and/or photos are needed to make the art feel a part of the space. Carlyn and her team provide sketches or renders of ideas. Understanding the overall budget or looking at the perfect design will drive possibilities. With the design, a color palette will be suggested and approved to make sure all visual elements are fully understood. All of these details will be captured in a contract.

Glassblowing and Assembly

A template of the piece is arranged on our studio wall so we can begin making the custom glass pieces to fill in the shape. We will use and blend the colors from the color palette. As we pull the glass ribbons, we will place them onto the studio template. We will provide photos or studio visits with you to make sure the direction of the piece is in accordance with your vision. Also during these check-ins, if a color change is desired, we can add color to any of the remaining ribbons. After we have pulled and assembled the piece on the wall, we will do a final check-in. Then the team will polish the ends of all the ribbons and pack them up for installation.

Installation and Lighting

The studio template will be used to do the final installation. Each hole is marked with how far off the wall the spacer was as well as which ribbon corresponds with it. Just as it was on the studio wall, it will be installed onto your wall. Therefore there are no unfortunate surprises and the final piece is just as beautiful as you originally imagined with us.

The Materials

Carlyn Ray Designs Materials - Glass Image


There are a myriad of different colors available. Through layering and blending of colors, the feeling of the piece can change with opacity, vibrancy, and color texture. The transparent colors give magical shadows while the opaque colors stand out on darker walls.
Carlyn Ray Designs Materials - Lighting Image


Downlights really make these ribbons sparkle and cast colored shadows on the wall.
Carlyn Ray Designs Materials - Metal Image


The hardware for ribbons is brushed or polished silver, but they can be painted any color.

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