Art is healing and can elevate a community. Creating with colors and light is captivating, a meditation that forges connections. It is a gift to be able to share this experience with others in a community. In a collaborative environment, an installation becomes an inspirational experience through sharing the process of creating and celebrating the work of art.

The Experience

Carlyn Ray Designs Consultation and Planning Image

Consultation and Planning

The first step is knowing the space and the people we are working with. Plans, site visits, and/or photos are needed to make the art feel a part of the space. Carlyn and her team will provide sketches or renders of ideas. Understanding the overall budget or looking at the perfect design will drive possibilities. With the design, a color palette will be suggested and approved to make sure all visual elements are fully understood. All of these details will be captured in a contract. The contract will outline the community involvement and stages of creation as well as specific sites and locations for each step.

Carlyn Ray Designs Glassblowing and Assembly Image

Glassblowing and Assembly

From the sketches and renderings, Carlyn and the team design the metal and glass to blend together and support one another. If lighting is involved, all interfaces are understood and calibrations created for the full assembly to fit together. Carlyn and the team will prep the glass and set up for the community involvement. The community creative involvement will be done in stages guided by the Carlyn Ray Designs team. Our team will finish the glass and prepare for the installation of all the pieces. Depending on the scale, an example or full mock-up will be approved in the studio before it is installed at your site.

Carlyn Ray Designs Installation and Lighting Image

Installation and Lighting

The pre-installation is normally done all in the studio to create a diagram template to follow, or a detailed guide is provided to meet specification requirements (lengths/ceiling placements). All parts are QC’d prior to going out to the site and the installation is just a step-by-step process of assembling the individual parts together. Electrical can be done simultaneously or before and after the installation, depending on the scope of the project. The celebration begins once all is hanging and complete! A community piece is fully celebrated every day by those who made it and by those who know the story and meaning.

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