Create an experience with glass to transform any space. Suspended from ceilings, mounted on walls, and rising up from outdoor landscapes, Carlyn’s glass designs enhance the architecture of lobbies, large spaces, intimate areas, and outdoor sites. While the transparency of glass allows it to blend with the space, the design, colors, and light resonate to create an energetic encounter.

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Art is healing and can elevate a community. Creating with colors and light is captivating, a meditation that forges connections. It is a gift to be able to share this experience with others in a community. In a collaborative environment, an installation becomes an inspirational experience through sharing the process of creating and celebrating the work of art.

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Glass is magical. The colors, the fluidity, and the light shining through glass combine to spark the imagination and connect the viewer to an inspired space. Invite this imaginative essence in to spark an environment of creativity, sophistication, and ingenuity.

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Glass creates an ethereal environment of light, colors, reflections, and organic movement. A hanging sculptural glass piece can elevate beauty into another realm. Wall pieces can bring curves, lines, color, and nature into any room.

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Through design and color, glass can create an environment of calm or evoke an uplifting feeling. We are inspired by a home’s architecture, views, style, and color palette. With these in mind, we design our creations around the purpose of a room to complete the intention of the space.

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