Jesuit College

October 26, 2017

Skilled artisans transformed sand, limestone and soda ash into strong, resilient, luminous glass.

Congratulations Jesuit Dallas on 75 years of inspiring boys to become strong, resilient, luminous Men for Others.

Dallas glass artist Carlyn Ray, her team, and Susan Carringer created this spectacular backlit glass cross for Jesuit’s Performance Center.

Representing Carlyn’s signature “weaving” technique, more than 160 pieces of flat glass cane interlock to create the perfect image of the Jesuit cross inside the 12’x9′ sculpture. 

Artist: Carlyn Ray
Donor: The Carringer Family 2017

Susan first came to us mentioning a piece for the performance center at Jesuit.  After a visit to the school, we were amazed by the art collection, spaces, architecture, natural light, and excited upon seeing the site for the desired Jesuit Cross.  We learned about the exact proportions of the Jesuit cross and Kyle modeled the cross digitally on the wall.  We had Jeremy Weeks who leads the weight room over to the shop with Susan and we went over the possibilities.  We decided that the negative space would make the cross stand out well with the lit weaving around it.  

We chose to use color changing lights so that the school can change the look of the piece for games, with music, for lent, and also make it blue and gold for the school colors.

Susan and the President, Mike Earsing, came and watched the glass pulling process and helped pull a few pieces as well!  We love inviting people in to experience the making of their piece first hand.

This piece was really exciting to make and very powerful once installed.  We are all very happy with this piece and hope the men at Jesuit enjoy it for years to come.