About the Project

Around 600 woven colorful strands of hand pulled glass undulate and are suspended in space.  Artist Carlyn Ray titles this piece “Rhapsody”- an ecstatic expression of feeling.  This piece represents Korshak DNA.

Community, values, uniqueness, and quality all are important to Crawford Brock, owner of Stanley Korshak.  This is what attracted him to Carlyn- a Dallas artist, deeply involved with the community, having trained with the best in the world, and creating exquisite art.  He first envisioned a piece that would transform the space, be an expression of Korshak, and bring life and happiness to the area.  The Korshak family and Carlyn picked out bright colors. Then Carlyn rendered the piece to create a vortex of color. 

Carlyn’s feeling around “Rhapsody” is how light, color, and movement all play together to allow this elation of being.  Glass holds light and color and permeates energy.  The wrapping of forms and the dancer like twist give life to the piece.  Just as the Korshak family supports each person coming in the store, discovering what makes them feel confident, unique, and an expression of their highest selves all through the quality and the feel of what lies on their skin.

This is Korshak DNA an ecstatic expression of feeling through beauty and inspiration.