Color is illuminated in these sculptural arrangements of fused glass elements. Sheets of glass are decorated and when the colors blend they create a kaleidoscope effect. Shapes are cut out of decorated glass sheets and can be further decorated by the community. Combine a few or hundreds and these sculptures can transform environments into interesting, conversation pieces.

The Process

Carlyn Ray Designs Creation & Planning Image

Creation & Planning

The first step is knowing the space. Plans, site visits, and/or photos are needed to make the art feel a part of the space. Carlyn and her team will provide sketches or renderings of ideas. Understanding the overall budget or looking at the perfect design will drive possibilities. Along with the design, a color palette and materials will be suggested and approved to make sure all visual elements are fully understood. All of these details will be captured in a contract.

Decorating, Fusing, & Assembly

Carlyn will design the glass in the specific size ranges, movement, and color palette as decided in the design phase. If participation is included, the phases of participation will be planned and coordinated as written in the contract. Carlyn and her team will update progress with in person check-ins and/or photos. With approval, the team will continue to assemble all the pieces together. Depending on the scale, a full mock-up may be approved in the studio before it is installed on site.

Installation & Lighting

Depending on the size and scale of the project, the Kaleidoscope projects will most likely involve some scaffolding and ladders to drill, hang, and adjust each of the glass pieces. If there isn’t a canopy, a small drill hole is made in the ceiling with our specific hardware. Each fused piece has a place for a hole or a hole pre drilled into it. The cable feeds through the hole and each piece has an adjustable hardware piece that allows the install team to adjust on site. The cables are stainless and can hold weight, all hardware is preapproved via engineering and has passed safety requirements. After the glass is aesthetically placed, sometimes final hardware is added depending on the weight of the glass or atmosphere. Finally any added lights are aimed properly to give full effect with shadows and reflections.

The Materials

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There are many glass colors to choose from in transparent, opaque, and simi transparent colors. We have a full array of color samples to match specific colors and make a color palette that mirrors the design and feeling fo the piece.
Carlyn Ray Designs Materials - Lighting Image


Lighting can add life, sparkle, and incredible shadows to the Kaleidoscope series. Downlights from a canopy or spot lights shining down on the collective pieces can add another level of interest to visual experience.
Carlyn Ray Designs Materials - Metal Image


Each glass piece is suspended from a metal wire or fastened to the wall with a metal spacer and hardware. Additional metal pieces can be added to the design to help tell a story or provide aesthetic elements.

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