G Brian and Heather join the team

August 2, 2021

Our team is growing and in a BIG WAY! We are excited to announce that G Brian Juk and Heather Spiewak are joining Carlyn Ray Designs!

I first met G Brian at Corning Museum of Glass; we worked hot glass shows together and have remained friends ever since. G Brian will use his 23+ years of glass experience along with his eye for fine art, organization skills, and positive attitude to lead our glass art production!

I’m also excited to work closely with Heather to make new and exciting artwork. Along with me, she will be collaborating with Michelle, Amber, and the rest of our team to make truly unique projects with our clients!

Please join us in welcoming G Brian and Heather to Dallas! They’ll be moving here from Corning, NY in the coming weeks.

G Brian First was first introduced to hot glass in 1998 in his hometown of Detroit, Juk went on to earn a BFA in glass in 2001 at Alfred University. He has worked for almost 20 years for the Corning Museum of Glass narrating and demonstrating for audiences from around the world. He has been involved with several museum programs including GlassLab where he works with designers from around the world prototyping unique designs. He has trained with many glass masters, been a teaching assistant for some of the best teachers, and has taught many classes himself. He personally enjoys fixing up houses, working with his hands, and playing ice hockey! He comes with a wealth of knowledge and skills to take our team to new levels.

“It’s funny, after six years I thought I had figured it out and was getting the hang of it. Then, after ten years I realized it will take a lifetime to perfect.

“I hope that others will take away a new appreciation for what it takes to create something from glass,” G Brian says. “It is amazing to think that you can design a piece in your mind and then create it with your hands. One moment a molten blob of hot glass, and the next, it is your imagination realized.”

Heather graduated from Illinois State University, where she studied studio arts, glassblowing, and archaeology. There, she fell in love with sculpture, history, and especially glass.

Heather started at Peter Patterson Glassworks as an instructor and assistant 2011. Shortly after she was recruited by Corning Museum of Glass to share her love of glass through the wide variety of programs they offer. Heather worked as a glass assistant at Vitrix Hot Glass Studios where she was fully immersed in glass production.

All of this experience has given Spiewak a wide set of skills she is excited to share at Carlyn Ray Designs.

Heather has already worked with me on creating weavings and we will be working side by side on different custom installations. She is going to be a great addition to the team!

Heather’s passion for glass is sparked by its relationship with people.

“A material that was held precious to the ancients is now used every day by everyone,” says Heather. “I enjoy sparking curiosity and passion in others, bringing the history and tradition of glassmaking to life in the modern age.”