Harris Lit Weaving

January 1, 2017

Weavings are a very special signature piece for me.  Since the first custom weaving I designed for a house in Vancouver, I have been fine-tuning this design for the past seven years.

One aspect that I love playing with in relation to the weavings is light.  I love the shadows that the weaving casts on the wall with proper lighting from above.


Our newest feature to the weavings is now being able to backlight them with dimmable LED light.  Backlighting the weavings give them a whole different look and energy.

When designing the Harris Weaving and knowing it was going into an entryway, I felt the backlight would be perfect.  The light gives the small space a resounding glow and really creates a beautiful welcoming environment.


Now we are excited to be working on a weaving for an amazing condominium complex in the Maryland/ Washington DC area.  We are just starting on this weaving which will be a little longer than 8’ and also backlit.


The team here at Carlyn Ray Designs is growing and with it, so are our abilities and projects.  As I drive the artistic vision of each weaving and specific design, Kyle Heironimus, my business partner and engineer, ensures we stay both on time and on budget as well as mechanically and structurally engineering each piece for safety and optimal use.

Kyle Heironimus

I’m very excited for our next piece that we are just starting.  Everyone asks me what piece am I most excited about, it’s always the piece I’m currently working on!