Meet Michael our Hot Shop Production Manager

April 12, 2021

From early in his career, Michael Hermann has been inspired by Italian glass. Michael apprenticed with Gianni Toso as well as assisted master glassblowers, including Elio Quarisa and Davide Fuin. Michael and his wife recently returned from four years in The Netherlands, where he was blowing glass for the National Glass Museum studio. He had previously served as an Artist in Residence at Nottingham Center for the Arts in San Diego, as well as other prominent positions. In addition to designing and producing his own work, Michael enjoys teaching classes and individual students.

Michael Hermann

Having followed Carlyn Ray for years, I knew that this was a place that I wanted to be. I liked the idea, design and originality of the weavings and other custom art and have long been drawn to their installations.

One of the highlights of my time at Carlyn Ray Designs has been our team-based approach. Each piece we create is custom and totally unique, and our whole team comes together to develop and execute our ideas. Each person brings their own strengths to the table, and everyone on our team is involved in each project from start to finish.

This approach, unique among glass blowing studios, enables us to push our limits and improve.

Michael Hermann