The CRD Team

January 15, 2021

Current Job Opening: Glass Blower/ Hot Shop Project Manager

Link to job post on indeed: HERE

We are looking to grow our glass team as we expand our facilities beyond the Dallas Design District! Our current main glassblowers are Carlyn, Spencer, and Alex.  We are interested in hiring a glassblower who can help manage the projects that are created in the hot shop and work with Brandon and Carlyn on the steps and artistic vision of the pieces.  This glassblower will work with our team of glass artists and will share the responsibility of gaffing different pieces.  The main role of this person is to understand the products and details of the projects and execute them in the hot shop.  There is flexibility as to the exact role of this person depending on an individual’s strengths.  This person must be a skilled, advanced glass artist and have had professional production experience.  It is imperative that this person is a team player and works well together with our current team.  

Comments from the hotshop team:

“I really enjoy the challenges of making unique custom glass at CRD.  The diversity of projects has expanded my skillset and makes every day interesting.” 

Spencer, CRD glassblower

“We make a wide variety of work at this studio from solid to blown and small to large.  There are many styles of work that we cover.  Sometimes it’s with a private client or it could be with the public.   I teach private lessons on weekends too and have enjoyed sharing my knowledge of glass with our students.  The studio has really grown in the past year.  Our working style has evolved over time and the group effort needed for many of our custom pieces makes working here feel like a collaborative effort.”

Alex, CRD glassblower & head DGA instructor

“I came to this studio as a novice glass artist, and while I have not been here long, I have found my place and I am thriving. There is such a naturally good-hearted atmosphere and community here, I rarely feel at work. We create so many different custom pieces there is never a dull moment, and I am genuinely excited for each new day.”

Zane, assistant & apprentice

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