Our News January 2024

January 31, 2024


Haynes Boone 

 When Paul Manno of Gensler approached Carlyn about a design for the Haynes Boone law firm in Dallas, Carlyn had many initial ideas. She came away from their conversation with the idea of the science around law; the ideas as well as the reflections of one’s self and one’s values in their own work. She imagined the joy of supporting one’s rights and freedoms. 

Carlyn presented the idea of blue bubbles, some reflecting with a mirror finish, growing as they get higher, reflecting the sky and collectively creating a mass of color. Each shape is hand blown and hand pressed to create organic growing forms. The gradation of the colors, sizes, and shapes become larger and deeper as the piece ascends up the staircase.

Artist Carlyn Ray & Head of Installations, G Brian Juk, during installation week

We are thrilled with the glass sculpture, and our entire firm community has been buzzing about how well it fits the space. We look forward to showing it off for many years ahead.

Taylor Wilson
Managing Partner, Haynes Boone

Community Library Projects on the Horizon

Carlyn dreams of creating magical and inspiring spaces with light and color while sharing this creative process with others! This is the reason that we are so excited to announce some amazing upcoming projects!

We are working on glass pieces for not 1, not 2, but 3 libraries in Texas! Each of these pieces will involve community participation and all of them have different themes and stories behind them. The farthest way is with Abilene Public Library. Then in a few years we will be installing butterflies at the Dripping Springs Community Library. Currently, we are working on our first pieces for the Garland Public Library.

A Story Waiting to be Told

Garland Public Library is about unfolding stories that have yet to be told. With the library’s campaign to “Stay Curious” this hanging sculpture of over 350 pieces of glass suspended below 4 skylights will provide narratives waiting to be discovered. The design features an abstract glass book opening with pages billowing around fused and letters and shapes. May it inspire future authors, those embarking on a new journey, or someone simply looking for inspiration. Our hope is that this piece reminds them
that every creation has a unique story to be told.