Parker Family Ribbons

April 23, 2018

After a site visit, Carlyn pulled together all of the colors from the fabrics, art, and the overall feeling of the room to create a color palette for the piece.  After the Parker family agreed on the shape of the ribbons and the chosen colors, we got started!  We loved that the three Parker boys were interested and were able to come in and pull glass to add to the piece!

He chose green for his glass piece.  He is rolling on little bits of colored glass here, adding it to the clear base. 
Learning to break the hot glass with just the touch of a cold tool.
Taking the initial fresh glass is the most fun, it is still really moving!
Going to the reheating hole, he is melting in the color in that he chose.
After all of the coloring and shaping, then its time to stretch it out!
Bright orange!
A detail shot of the different colors and the great shadows!
These ‘Color Bursts’ are a new design for us. There is something so soothing about exploring the ways these ribbons interact with one another.
The colors fit perfectly with the room.  A family masterpiece!