About the Project

This Consulting Firm project involves the families and employees as Carlyn as the majority of the birds and butterflies are decorated by them over a weekend.  Over a Saturday, families choose a bird or butterfly shape.  All the shapes are based on native or migratory birds found in Texas.  Each person decorates the wings and body of the glass cut out with crushed up glass.  Everyone glues on their decorations to keep the exact placement until Carlyn and the team melt each bird’s decorations in a large kiln.  Then the birds are melted over a curved surface to give the wings movement to appear as they are in mid-flight.  Each bird is brought back to the firm and suspended on a cable.  The butterflies are in the lowest area and from the 21st floor while looking up, it seems as if you are in a butterfly garden with butterflies and hummingbirds swarming overhead.  Then as you rise up the stairs, you come amidst a flock of birds flying in from the back window and ascending up the stairs.  With the airflow, the birds slightly swivel and provide a magical movement.  The art connects with nature, the community, and each other.  A beautiful art piece to have and celebrate in the Dallas Consulting Firm.