About the Project

This dynamic chandelier elegantly floats above the main staircase with the backdrop of a floor-to-ceiling textured stone wall.  Glimpses of the chandelier are seen from the exterior while upon entering the front door, one sees the trickle of glassicles.  A few more steps into the entryway reveal the glass cascading up the stairs in golden hues.  Each hand-pulled glass piece has a bronze fade with grains of golden sparkly hues.  The custom canopy is unique and designed for the space allowing the glassicles to undulate down the stairs.  From the second floor, the custom canopies support each glass piece, some at eye level, showcasing the uniqueness.  This chandelier is meant to be viewed from all angles.  The Gibson’s wanted to make sure the home was warm and welcoming.  The colors and light from this fixture achieve a warm welcome with bespoke elegance.