About the Project

Creating these chandeliers for the Kalkomeys along with their interior designers Catherine Albritton and Daphne Kuykendall of design firm AKI  was exciting.  The clouds are a beautiful design combining imagination and sophistication into pockets of floating air.  Each cloud is uniquely designed and textured with small bubbles, a frosted, or a satin finish.  The full effect creates depth and layers in the cloud which play with ambient light and create a surreal and mystical look.  

For the dining room, the Kalkomeys decide on a classic round shape to match the shape of the table. They love the idea of the chandelier bringing elegance and sparkle into the room.  The bits of gold in the glass glitter with the light and the warm glow creates a ring of light.  Each rod is different in diameter and also has an organic end to really have the fixture feel hand made and unique.  This attention to detail makes what could be an ordinary chandelier, extraordinary.