About the Project

In working with designer Richard Gordon with Rolnick+Gordon, we designed a unique weaving for the dining room, a spectacular chandelier in the entryway and added accent pieces as accessories.   The weaving in the dining room is a stunning piece.  In the layout of entering into the room, the piece changes from the different viewpoints, substantially.  As the weaving unravels into the space, the first view of the pieces is looking down the long gold and red section which then spirals into the black.  Then coming around the corner, the next view is into the black weaving as it seems to unravel into the red and gold.  This piece makes the room and is large enough for them not to need much more art.  Then the entry chandelier is designed to also change from different viewpoints as it is split level and can look as two different parts or together become one piece.   Each of the rods have gold leaf embedded into them and when illuminated, the lights reflect off the gold and create an elegant glow.  Bringing some color into the entryway, the vases in the niches along the doorway enhance the space without detracting from the room.