About the Project

When Ronald McDonald House of Dallas approaches Carlyn with the idea of creating an installation above the staircase in their new wing, group involvement immediately comes to her mind!  The idea of butterflies and family participation come together into this magical design.  

With the families of the sick kids, staff and board members participating, the butterflies are created at RMDH.  This makes the piece even more special as it comes from the hands, hearts, and imaginations of many beautiful people.  Each glass butterfly is cutout, decorated, slumped so the wings look like they are flying and finally a hole is drilled in them so they can be hung by a cable.  More than 700 butterflies hang from the ceiling to be enjoyed in this new wing and shadow boxes in each of the rooms also has the individually decorated butterflies.  Carlyn loves sparking the imagination, sharing creativity, and sparking that childlike imagination in communities like Ronald McDonald House.  This is a very special project as everyone sometimes needs a reminder of hope, love, and just being in the moment.  Creativity does just that, celebrates the beauty of the moment.