Wortley Crystal Crescent

About the Project

This Crescent Crystal Chandelier is created with both designer Connie Davis and client Tricia Wortley over several meetings and stages to obtain the perfect style and feeling for this room.  Tricia loves colors, energy, and things that bring happiness and sparkle into the room.  This design needed to be sophisticated, elegant and still fun to bring forth light and happiness.  The curves of the crescents, Carlyn took from the base of the table and the oval of the chair backs.   The multiple parts create a very interesting sculptural piece from the different angles this is viewed from.  With the metal being brass plated, the underneath side and the top reflect on the various surfaces.  The gold color and appearance is stunning with the accent of the crystals and glass. 

When the chandelier is off and is a pale alabaster color the texture of the crystals glisten and create a serene feel.  Then with the white or colored lights, this halo of glorious energy emits from the chandelier creating a spectacular space, brilliant with inspiration, magic and splendor.