About the Project

These fusion panels were created to be built into the wall, flush with the drywall. The edges of glass project undulate crystalizing out of the wall and pooling back into rivers of movement. The jewel-tone colors match the many pools that the Letz family has right outside the windows and the color brings the watery feel of the outside landscape into the house. The feeling of the panels is controlled by the led lights behind each panel and the downlights sparkle and reflect off the texture of the glass. Off or dim, the panels have a gray hue, on and as they gain brightness, the panels give off a colorful magical aura. These panels are spectacular in person to see and experience. Their beauty adds elegance, texture, and color to this incredible house.

The white weaving in the master bedroom adds elegance and pristine beauty.  The stainless steel wire delicately binds the white, opal, and alabaster glass to the frame.  The glass picks up the ambient light and shimmers, bringing a softness to the space.