Open House

November 19, 2017

We started off the day of the open house with our public glass experience class where participants could choose to make either a pumpkin or an ornament with the help of one of our instructors. (Sign up for your glass experience at

After class, we started setting up for the open house by gathering sale items, setting up tables of refreshments, and re-arranging the hot shop to offer the best viewing experience for our guests. As our visitors filed in, Carlyn and Clay began their introduction with some information about the equipment as well as the business’ beginnings and intentions.

Carlyn chose three pieces to demo; a vase, a three-bit bowl, and a two-bit knot. Though they varied in size, each of these pieces took about 45 minutes for Carlyn and the team to complete. We loved the reaction our guests gave when they saw Carlyn spin out her first piece. As centrifugal force pulled the lip of the vase out; the studio erupted with gasps of delight!

One guest expressed how interesting they found it to watch Carlyn and the team make the blown vessels that the team has grown so accustomed to making and thus are almost ‘on autopilot’ with, versus the knot which is still an active learning process. Being inside the process we sometimes miss special insights like that so we were very pleased they shared it with us. 

After the demo, Carlyn answered questions from the audience and began handing out raffle tickets to each member of the crowd. Carlyn approached one small member of the crowd, prompting her “Do you think you have the winning ticket? I think you might!”. As luck would have it, the final numbers were called and the young girl Carlyn had spoken with did, in fact, have the winning ticket! Wearing a great big smile, the young girl collected her prize and happily posed for a heartwarming photo with Carlyn.

We are building a community around this passionate fire and magical process.  Thank you for being apart of it and supporting the arts.