Our News March 2024

March 31, 2024

Testimonial Spoken from the Heart 

“We love the natural and tranquil ambiance our ribbons impart to anyone stepping into our family room. Their undulating wave form creates a soothing rhythm, infusing our space with a sense of peace and comfort that truly makes our house feel like a home. Our personal involvement in the design and creation process adds a special touch, fostering a deeper connection to the piece for our entire family.”

“Our glassicle chandelier, with gold grain, beautifully complements the wood and other natural elements in our home. Its soft glow at dusk fills the room with warmth, creating an enchanting atmosphere that truly is amazing.”

The McCoys

The wall bubbles and home decor carry the feeling of the larger pieces through out the home. I am so blessed to work with clients like the McCoys who wish to fill their home with light and love from glass. Every piece is a joy to create and even more special sharing the process with thier family!!

Reaching DISD

The Dallas Independent School District continues to pursue hands on learning through the STEAM curriculum offered through sponsorships from Art Reaching Out. Our studio has already hosted over 60 students this year from DISD alone.

Students explored the thermal radiation, convection & conduction and the periodic tables effect on color. They also observed how fiber optics are made and how prevalent glass is in our everyday lives.