Riveredge Apartments

July 18, 2017

B2 Architecture first engaged Carlyn with the idea of making a small hanging ribbon installation on the ceiling of the clubhouse and a piece for the leasing office.  Working with B2, Carlyn and team created the ceiling ribbons which span the ceiling of the clubhouse and lead out to the pool showing motion and depth.  They also developed a beautiful new type of ribbon sculpture for the leasing office.

The ribbons in the clubhouse flow across the ceiling and connect the clubhouse with the outside pool area.  It was a very entertaining project to work on. During the design process, we also added three pendant lights above the clubhouse seating area. We love the way their beautiful blue hues look with the rest of the ribbons leading out to the pool.

Downstairs in the leasing office, Chloe with B2 Architecture gave Carlyn a print of the bench fabric to extract colors from.  This vibrant fabric was used to develop all of the colors in the palette for the installation.  This ‘Ribbonlier’ was a very fun piece to design and watch come together.

Adding glass bowls and vessels around the area was an easy way to pick up accent colors and bring the room together.  This bowl was designed perfectly to lift up the rug and connect it with the rest of the space.

After the clubhouse and the leasing office were finished, B2 Architecture came back to and asked if we could also do their mail room.  Together we decided to bring in a design similar to that of the clubhouse ribbons.  In addition to hanging ribbons, we added wall-mounted ribbons to make the installation flow around the corner.  The transition of the hanging ceiling ribbons to the wall is stunning, and everyone involved is ecstatic about how the projects turned out.