About the Project

Adzick came to Carlyn seeking to replace a very traditional lighting piece with a more creative and classy lighting solution.  In keeping the space open, Susan and Carlyn decided on ‘glassicles’ in the space which are the individual glass rods, hung on single cords.  The glass in each rod creates a striation of gold which glistens when the light comes across it.  The gold also is a classy touch without being distracting in color.  There was already an existing lighting piece which was teal, so making this piece not compete with the existing art was important for the overall feel of the space. The end result is a sophisticated and creative lighting solution in a space that hosts many events and parties.

We then added colorful ribbons spanning along the mantle piece.  And then in the master bath, we made a beautiful teal and gold cloud.  A beautiful piece to see first thing in the morning and before going to sleep!