About the Project

The Walthall residence blends modern with an old-world feeling. With designer Lorna Standard, we designed the canopy to fit above the table perfectly in shape and proportion. The glass hangs organically, undulating from the brass canopy. Each glass piece is grained with a gold color which sparkles subtly in the natural light. This piece is spectacular from every angle. Each glass piece is hand placed so that there are no rows of glass, the chandelier feels full from all angles.

For the weaving, Carlyn and designers Suzan Davidson and Lorna Standard combine the colors of the room and blend them together in a soft gradation from blues, and teals, to purples. Mr. Walthall loves the diagonal mast of the dark red. To keep the piece more traditional, Carlyn wove the glass with copper wire which ties into the warm tones of the fireplace screen and the wood. A really beautiful art piece to set off an already spectacular room with an incredible view.