About the Project

In this beautifully designed home, the Wilcox weaving is the pop of color and provides organic curves and flow to the living room.  In pulling out the colors from the outside, the blues and purples come from their pool tile and the greens from the canopy of beautiful trees. Carlyn played with the repetitious curve of the arches to create the shape.  The red accent mast comes from the accent stem of a flower in the adjacent painting.  The copper metal pieces in the mast tie visually to a beautiful set of copper candlesticks that they have on display on the other side of the room. The weaving ties the room together from the outside in and the glass on the organic stone is a beautiful juxtaposition between the smooth transparent material and the textured stone.  A weaving piece that really continues and enhances the energy of the room and environment. 

The ribbons trail the colors down the stairs and set the mood for the first floor.  The ribbons trail on the walls and the ceiling to give a vine-like crawling effect!  Then in the master bedroom, glassicles hang above either bedside table.  With blue on the bottom, they look like drops of water, fluid, and crystalline.  The colors are pulled from the painting and the pool is right outside the adjacent windows. The glassicles really bring the outside in and provide a beautiful ambient glow.