About the Project

Creating glass for this high paced working environment is fun and exciting.  We are still in the middle of this project and adding some wall pieces and outside sculptures.  We love bringing the outside in and creating invigorating and grounding energy and colors in this space. 

This Consulting Firm board room weaving brings color, intensity, and creativity into this room.  As the weaving is saturated in the logo green of the company, watery blues, rich turquoises, and deep teal intertwine.  The lighting brings out warm golds and ambers which connect with the beautiful wood panels along the entry walls, chairs, and desks.  Each strand has visual texture and beautiful striations of colors and sparkles with light.  When the piece is off it is a bold movement of color and when the piece is back-lit the green weaving captures the moment of the present and emits and inspiring energy.

The ribbons add fluidity into the entryway on the 21st floor and also they act as a way-finder letting visitors remember different aspects of art on different floors in the space.   The birds and butterflies created by the families and employees over a weekend in the workroom.  Over a Saturday, families choose a bird or butterfly shape.  All the shapes are based on native or migratory birds found in Texas. With the airflow, the birds slightly swivel and provide a magical movement.  The art connects with nature, the community, and each other.  A beautiful art piece to have and celebrate in the Dallas Consulting firm.